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IN/ARCH award for ``Urban Regeneration``.

The Peace Square redevelopment project has been judged a winner for 2020 by the National Institute of Architecture

Parma, Emilia-Romagna Italy - 15 October 2020

Piazza della Pace, an example of successful urban regeneration. This is the summary of the opinion of theNational Institute of Architecture, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna section, and Ance (National Association of Building Contractors), in collaboration with Archilovers.

The project was promoted by the City of Parma, which received the award from the Councillor for Planning Policies and Territorial Development and Public Works, Michele Alinovi: "The urban regeneration project for Piazza della Pace has improved and updated the design and functions of the green heart of our historic city centre, enhancing its ability to meet people, enhancing its monumental context and taking into account its history and environmental and cultural characteristics. It was a courageous choice that was immediately appreciated by the citizens and that the National Institute of Architecture recognises as a virtuous example of urban regeneration".

Today it is a more usable, open and flexible space, better able to respond to the changing context of the city.